HOW & WHY WE ARE sitting in OUR feaR

We've been a bit quiet of late, mostly due to the fact of a) life and b) we've been busy working behind the scenes getting all the pieces of the puzzle together to launch our new website, typeface, and new services. It's been a lot, and I swear I've only cried like x 7 times (so far). 

This business thing is hard work, its constant pressure and a never-ending hustle. A hustle for constant clients, a hustle to keep up with everyone, a hustle to stay relevant and the hustle of putting on a brave face and pushing through your fear of failing every. single. day. So to everyone out there running / starting / managing their business, I see you and I feel you.

In saying that, it might also be the most rewarding and fulfilling part about it. Once you have made it out of the muddy trenches, and you've stumbled through the guts of your fear, you do come out the other side – and we promise, you will feel so proud of yourself that you'll forget all about the muddy bits.

We try to be that part of the story for our clients, we try so bloody hard to show them the light at the end of the tunnel as most of the time, they are knee-deep in mud and chockablock with fear. They've invested so much time, energy and money into their idea and by the time they reach us, they're either busting at the seams to launch, or they've already got one foot out the door ready to run. Either way, its usually fear that drives both. A bit of fear is healthy, a lot of fear will only sabotage you, your project and your idea.

So, my message to you today is to acknowledge your fear, sit with it, let it do it's worst – and then tell it to back the f*ck up, strap it to the passenger seat, because you're the one behind the wheel and driving this damn dream.

Big love,
Ally (your biggest cheerleader)

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*That pun is always intended

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Alleyway Designs is currently bouncing between Vancouver Island, Canada & Fremantle, Western Australia. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Lkwungen People and the Whadjuk People, the traditional custodians of both lands on which we work. Always was, always will be.
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