moving my business overseas to canada, eh?

For being an extroverted Aries, I have recently discovered that I might also be a private person, which I never realised until I started a business, and I am shook by it, truly.

So, the cat's out of the bag, we moved to Canada. I swear I wasn't purposely keeping it a secret, it kind of just happened unintentionally. Looking back, so much was happening behind the scenes with organising the move, a stop-over holiday, multiple visas, plus the logistics of transitioning to a fully remote business with me being in a different country to our designers. The planning of it all swallowed me whole, and I didn't post or boast about it because I felt like it was adding more things to an already overflowing to-do list. I like to think I am an honest person and an open book when it comes to ‘business stuff’ and for our clients, but as soon as my personal life comes into play I tuck into my shell like a little hermit crab. Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a bad thing, its just a thing that I have recently learnt about myself. It's funny being 28 years old and still learning things about yourself. This move to Canada was a something we have been planning and preparing for two years, so it felt like a personal decision, not a business one.

So anyway, I digress, we moved to Canada - Vancouver Island specifically. It's been aboot (Canadian accent intended) a month now, and besides the timezone, it's been a real pleasure. It takes time to adjust to a new place, “what is my local coffee shop”, “where do I do my groceries” and “holy shit, is that a woodpecker?”, but the locals have been welcoming and friendly, and they love our Aussie accent enough to answer all our questions.

In terms of Alleyway, nothing has changed besides our timezone and postcode. Although we can now service our international clients in USD (which means no exxy transfer fees). We still have the same bloody brilliant design team, same offerings, and same ol' Ally sliding into your inbox. In saying that though, we do also have some super exciting things up our sleeve that I'll tell you about soon.

That's all for the moment (someone take this email away from me before I ramble even more). I am planning to be more regular with these and keep you up to date, the gram is a strange place these days, and these feel better and less pressure.

Big love,

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*That pun is always intended

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Alleyway Designs is currently bouncing between Vancouver Island, Canada & Fremantle, Western Australia. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Lkwungen People and the Whadjuk People, the traditional custodians of both lands on which we work. Always was, always will be.
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