G'day friends. Ally here, currently plopped in my favourite cafe where I proudly have a 'uzhe' (they also let me know that I am their only customer that orders a flat white which makes it easy to remember, I think the bogan aussie accent also helps). Firstly wanted to say a big fat thank you to those friends, designers, family members (lol) who purchased Alleyway Display - you're the reason I can afford a flat white today in this overpriced economy (we're talking like $6.50, and then like $8 once its converted to AUD, ouch). But no, in all seriousness, I am very thankful to each and every one of you, and have a big goofy smile on my dile every time an 'order successful' email pops into my inbox.

Now a bit of a back story to this typeface, which has been in the works since April 2022, yes, that long, and since then I have picked it up, put it back down, put it in the bin, restored it, and tweaked it too many times to count, and was finally at the point that if I looked at it any more my head might combust. So, let's rewind back to January 2022 where I had finally made the decision to outsource the design of the Alleyway brand identity (it's impossible to brand your own brand, and I wish I did it 5 years ago), to one of my muses, the brilliant Alana of Studio A.N.D. Let me tell you, it was a fucking breath of fresh air to have another human to bounce ideas off and to handover the creative reins, as I was way too tangled up in my own brand and could not see it objectively.

So, a few meetings, proposals and wines later we had wrapped up the Alleyway identity, with the main component being a custom typeface, which we also used for our logo design. It felt so right, it felt like me, it felt like Alleyway, it felt like us, and I am a big believer that collaboration makes the best ideas, so the fact that it was a collaborative project, just really ticked all the boxes. After using the typeface for our own brand, and after enough DM's slid into our inbox, I decided that it was something that I wanted to share back with the design community.

Fast forward 18 months, 53 projects, 3 domestic moves, 1 international move and 1 very hesitant and anxious designer (me) - I am finally sharing 'Alleyway Display' with the world and is available for purchase. Releasing something this personal to a community of very good designers, who I am constantly comparing myself to, and I feel are just silently watching from afar, all the while battling imposter syndrome on a daily basis, feels absolutely fucking terrifying. But I did it anyway, and as it turns out, the people around me are nothing but supportive and proud (of course!).

So if you're sitting on something that you're nervous, anxious or afraid to share with the world for any reason, trust me when I say - the only way through that fear is action. So take the action, make the move, shoot the shot, pull the trigger, and do your thing. The only opinion that actually matters is yours, and the only feeling you should feel is proud. Proud of yourself for taking action.

Hope you love the typeface, don't tell me if you don't (kidding).

Appreciate you & big love, 


④ Listening: Search 'daylist' in your Spotify. You're welcome.
⑥ Buying: Secondhand cameras from the thrift shop.

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